California Includes Acupuncture on Necessary Benefits List

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Acupuncture has made the grade and been identified as an “essential” benefit to provide to California’s health care consumers. If the legislation that is sitting on Gov. Jerry Brown’s desk passes, in 2014 insurance companies will be required to provide a certain set of “essential” benefits, with acupuncture currently on that list.

It is an amazing step in the growth of acupuncture in the United States that it is being recognized and gaining well deserved legitimacy at this time. It is an exciting time to be an acupuncturist. My guess is that acupuncture will make the grade in California, and that other states will follow suit, some quickly, some begrudgingly slowly. What you will likely see when most people have access to acupuncture, is that the those who use it will have fewer health concerns and be in generally better health, all other things considered. Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine were originally designed as preventative measures that can help put a person in physical equilibrium and keep them there before anything serious goes wrong. They are therapies with longevity and quality of life designed into the model: a perfect blend with the “Baby Boomers” now turning the corner on 70. Here is a link to a Washington Post article about the insurance plan.

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