Detailed Study Validates Acupuncture’s Effectiveness for Pain

NIH Validates Acupuncture for Pain Management

The National Institute of Health released the results of a detailed five year study recently that validates the effectiveness of acupuncture for many types of pain. The team of researchers pooled the accumulated data from 29 different randomized acupuncture studies, involving nearly 18,000 patients and painstakingly analyzed the results before reaching the conclusion that acupuncture is definitely an evidence based, scientifically valid and effective best practice for treating pain.

For years the detractors of acupuncture and Chinese Medicine have cited the lack of scientific evidence for acupuncture’s effectiveness, all the while ignoring the vast body of double blind, placebo controlled studies that have been conducted throughout Asian countries and all around the globe for decades. Well to them I say here is a very nice and substantial validation from the NIH that you can now stick in your pipe and smoke:) The fact is that studies on acupuncture and Chinese Medicine have unfortunately not had the type of funding for research that other types of medical procedures and pharmaceuticals routinely garner, due to the lack of profit potential.

What kinds of organizations or companies would want to fund research on a form of medicine that is founded on simplicity, based on the body’s own innate healing potential, is extremely cost effective and cannot readily be exploited for mass profit? The answer is that there are obviously not a lot of private companies that are interested in such an endeavor. In fact, it could be argued that there are actually powerful organizations and companies that would gain from keeping such an effective, cost effective and powerful medicine out of the hands of the people by demonizing it and belittling it. Well it appears that the days of sweeping acupuncture’s effectiveness under the rug are numbered. In an economy and environment where an effective and cost effective alternative to over reliance on pharmaceuticals and highly invasive, over priced procedures is sorely needed, I believe that acupuncture’s star is, after 4,000 years, finally on the rise in America and Europe. It is just a question of time and consumer demand that will eventually push acupuncture into the mainstream.


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